Helping Personal Injury Victims Pick Up the Pieces.

Nothing is worse than being the victim of someone else’s negligence. 

Be it a doctor’s careless mistake, a careless driver causing an accident, a terrible injury at the hands of another, or a crooked insurance company failing to pay a claim; you DESERVE to be compensated for your injuries. 

The Stickley Law Firm, as well as Mr. Stickley’s colleagues, have the knowledge and experience to help you not only get the treatment you may need physically, but the financial compensation that is necessary to help you pick up the pieces and become whole again. 

    • Compassion.
    • Aggressiveness to get what is rightfully yours.
    • Willingness to go the extra mile.


These are the qualities we bring to the table when you trust us and our partners with your personal injury case. It’s peace of mind that can’t be bought at any cost. And generally, there is absolutely no risk or cost to you if you don’t collect a judgement. 

If you or someone you love have suffered an injury, call our office today at (248) 246-0607 or fill out the form on this page and we will contact you. 


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