Criminal Defense in Hillsdale County

When you’re charged with a crime in Hillsdale County, Michigan in the 2nd District Court or 1st Circuit Court, you need QUICK, AGGRESSIVE, and PROFESSIONAL representation.

The courts in Hillsdale have a reputation for being no-nonsense with a strict demeanor. This is NOT the time to try to wing it by yourself or with inexperienced counsel. You WILL pay the price by having the wrong lawyer.

You need an attorney who:

  • Is in front of the judges and deals with the prosecutor in Hillsdale EVERY week.
  • Is familiar and has experience with all the court’s details
  • Will FIGHT to protect your rights. 

Keith M. Stickley, Esq is that attorney.

Mr. Stickley appears in the 2nd District Court for more hearings than ANY OTHER attorney due to his county contract, representing people charged with crimes at their arraignment (the very first court hearing).

After arraignment as a defendant you have TWO OPTIONS:

Have a random public defender represent you,
Hire an attorney of your choice.

Taking chances is for buying lottery tickets. When the potential result could be big fines or a long jail sentence, the smart choice is clear.

You need to hire an experienced attorney who will fight hard to protect your rights, get you the best possible outcome, and has the knowledge and experience in dealing with the intricacies of the courts in Hillsdale County.

You NEED attorney Keith M. Stickley, Esq

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